This is a very serious disease* so I gladly accept the “bucket challenge”

*My heart goes out to all those who struggle with ALS but I am, of course, talking about the disease of apathy.  If (and hopefully when) Michael Brown’s killer is brought to justice and convicted of 1st degree murder, it still won’t prevent this from happening again. We cannot accept this as the status quo. We MUST continue the fight at the ballot box, in the media and by working to create systemic change. I’m not naive to the dirty politics (redistricting, voter ID requirements, etc) that will try to prevent us from our goal. But I refuse to give up hope. My “bullet bucket challenge” is not about pointing fingers and it’s not about being angry. Every shell casing in that bucket represents the life of someone who fought and died in the goal for civil rights and human dignity. As a member of law enforcement (yes I really am a reserve sheriff) I will not stand idly by while others violate civil and human rights under the cover of authority and I will insist that other good cops rise to the same standard as well. As a black man I will demand more from myself and my community. I will not allow outsiders to co-opt our struggle in order to commit violence in our name. I’m channeling my outrage into action so I no longer feel powerless. It’s not about black or white. It’s not about rich or poor. It’s about us vs. them. There are more of us — from all races, genders and identities — then there will ever be of them. And we will be victorious”

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality"

Join me.

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"Her name is Yelena Belova and she wants the Black Widow title for herself."

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Margaery Tyrell + tumblr text posts

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sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.


sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.

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the ten fics meme…

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 rules: in a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them!

1. Calling Home by alchemy Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles.

“Send me up a drink,” jokes Major Hale. The count goes on.


2. Gnomon by luchia Les Mis, Enjolras/Grantaire.

“This is what happens when you’re an international beacon of righteous fury and justice for the oppressed masses,” Grantaire says. “Everyone forgets you kill people for a living.”

Freedom fighter AU. Grantaire is a mess. Enjolras is a mess. They keep each other human. Kind of.

3. Tolleranza by Resonant Captain America, Steve Rogers + OFC/OMC.

Commandos era. Steve goes to a brothel and learns something.

The sexual education of Steven Grant Rogers.

4. RED by waldorph The Avengers, Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill.

These are not all lies.

Beautiful and badass Natasha character study.

5. Stories that aren’t about cats by Trojie RocknRolla, Handsome Bob/One Two.

When Handsome Bob figures out it’s One Two he wants, he knows he has to keep it quiet.

Unrequited love, jealousy, and angsty self-discovery. Pining is a thing for me, you may have noticed.

6. dress yourself to kill by screamlet Marvel RPF, Gen.

“Bandicoot? For real?” Chris asks as he looks over in the wrong direction entirely. “Let’s go punch some names off him.”

I kicked my RPF addiction. I was out. And with the click of her fingers, screamlet pulled me back in. Just plain rude is what it is. Seriously though, you haven’t read banter until you’ve read screamlet’s banter.

7. All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes by torakowalski The Losers, Cougar/Jensen.

“Okay, no,” Pooch says, holding up his hands, “there is no way I’m gambling for money against you and Cougar.”

Jensen frowns, leaning across the table to make wide, concerned eyes at Pooch. “Is it because we’re just that fucking good?” he asks.

“No.” Pooch knocks the edge of the pack once, twice against the table. “It’s because I’m pretty sure you can read each other’s damn minds.”

My love for Tora’s Jensen-voice, let me show you it. Sweet, funny and insanely hot.

8. The Vicar of Erebor by leupagus The Hobbit, Bilbo/Thorin, WIP.

“Gandalf,” said the captain, doffing his hat as he stepped within. “I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I was obliged to ask direction — twice.”


9. Patience, a Steady Hand by Helenish Inception, Arthur/Eames.

821 A.D. Arthur is in the nightmare business. Eames is a thief, a liar, and versatile with a pen.

The kind of fic that grips you til you can’t breathe and it hurts and it cuts you deep but at the same time it’s SO, SO SATISFYING.

10. A Passage That Sings by Rave Star Trek RPF, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto.

Footsteps beside him; the creak of bedsprings as Chris sits down by his head. Zach could bite his ass, if he could move. He wouldn’t, but he could. It would be tempting. “Front all you want: ‘Cathedral’ still skull-fucks you with its awesomeness,” says Chris, shoving the water up to his face. “Every time. Open your mouth.”

Smart, sexy and the dialogue will own your soul.

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