what sort of romance movie bullshit is this waking up in the hospital and seeing the person what sat by your bedside and saying the first thing you ever said to them to tell them you’re awake and alright

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AU Meme: Marvel Film Noir AU for webs-of-lies

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i would like to thank not only god but also jesus


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someday my prince will come
a brooklyn boys fairy tale

There are two very important things you need to know about Dragons.

One - they always need to have a Hoard.

Two - they always need a Princess.

Iacov of the House of Drăculești always had to be the different one.  In America, where he was born, instead of the native land of his ancestors, his father named him James Buchanan - for an American President - and Barnes because, as his Grandfather had put it, running around with the family name of Dracul was just going to invite all sorts of trouble.  So the family took on the name of Barnes, with suitably American first names and tried to live as peacefully as Dragons who walked in human form could possibly be.  

In America, Iacov was better known as Bucky because, really, there were just too many James and Jimmys and Jaimes and Jims running around and it was just too confusing for Mrs. Barnes to holler “JIMMY-BOY!” and have about a dozen other heads turn ‘round, not wanting to upset their mamas and be late for supper.  So Bucky it was.  

And young Bucky was doing all the things little kids do, with the addition of dreaming about his future Hoard and who his Princess was going to be.  His Papa had told him how he’d won and wooed his own Princess and well, Mrs. Barnes would always blush and swat at her husband when he told the story but there was a glow in her eyes and while they weren’t sitting on a bed of gold, they were happy.

His Papa had hoarded happiness and guarded it jealously, as any good Dragon would.  So the Barnes family was well and content. 

Bucky, of course, wanted something like that when he was older.

So naturally, he meets his Prince when he was about seven years old.

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AU Meme: A witch curses Dean, de-aging him to seventeen again.

“You look very different.. Have you always had freckles?”

Sam’s face is the best thing about this



ideal boyfriend

  • has red hair
  • middle aged
  • played scully on x files
  • is not a man
  • is gillian anderson

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I like that they allowed you to have some chest hair in this one [What’s your number?]. x

Not only is it hilarious, it’s finally the dude version of the “rabbit food” question. 

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Shelfie by Rahzzah
all the She-Hulk talk inspired me to play hookie from work…..don’t tell on me..


Shelfie by Rahzzah

all the She-Hulk talk inspired me to play hookie from work…

..don’t tell on me..

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